Friday, January 23, 2009

Busiest Week Ever!

This past week has been crazy! I guess it really started being busy last Monday when Aaron, Andy, Stuart and I attended a planning meeting for the Sugarloaf UMC Party with a Purpose. We emerged from the meeting with the responsibility of producing 45 minutes of entertainment for the night. Ever since then, we've been working together with the whole church staff to create a variety show based around an "American Idol"/"America's Got Talent" spoof idea. All of this was on top of our usual crazy weekly schedule of SHIFT, ALTAER, the wire, SLAM, and epicenter. Oh yeah, I almos forgot - ALTAER winter camp is this weekend.

Monday and Tuesday consisted of shooting video and editing short intro videos for each of the acts. Stuart has done a tremendous job with the video production. His skill level has increased exponentially over the last year!

On Wednesday night, Aynsley, Ryan and a student band led by Kelsey and Jonathan ran SHIFT for the 200+ middle schoolers. Meanwhile, Aaron, Stuart, Andy and I were in the Main Sanctuary directing the Party With a Purpose for over 400 adults. It was a wild night and a huge success on both fronts. I'll post footage from the evening soon.

Thursday, we had an extended night of worship during ALTAER. Trevor, Hannah P, Jonathan and Kelsey planned and led the student band into a great time of music and response. I'm so proud of how far each of them has come as worship leaders and musicians.

Today is Friday and I feel like I'm taking my first deep breath in a while. A student band consisting of Jonathan, Trevor and Hannah P. are leading worship at the ALTAER winter retreat. Stuart will be teaching this weekend. Yesterday, I got all the sound and lighting equipment together for them. Andy, Aynsley, Ryan, Paige and Gretchen are also going to camp this weekend. Aaron and I are staying behind to lead the wire, Fresh Start and epicenter on Sunday. I love doing youth ministry with our team - I don't know how we would do it any other way!

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