Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last ALTAER of the semester!

Tonight was our last regular ALTAER service for our high
school students tonight. The band has come so far this year.
It's incredible to think about what is in store for next year!
(left to right) back row: Eric H./Bass, Tommy C./Tech, Kelsey A./Tech,
Jonathan N./Keys, Casey H./Vocals&Acoustic, Scottie F./Vocals & Electric,
front row: Brady F./Drums, Trevor M./chillin'

Tonight's Setlist:
Take It All - Hillsong United
I Will Go - Starfield
Solution - Hillsong United
for fun we changed it up and had
Casey lead "Solution" - sounded great!

Find A World - Jami Smith
Look up bass player in the dictionary
and this is the picture you will find:


indy_jones222 said...

haha That's awesome!
I'm with Eric-He likes the comment you made about him :P
I have been really proud of how far everyone's come. I can't wait to see where we head with this summer and the coming year!

Kelsey said...

I'm likin' Eric.
you are so right, by the way.